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Upcoming Publications


Upcoming Publications


The Alfred Russel Wallace Lecture Series at University of Alberta
Kathleen Lowrey and Robert Smith will guest edit a special issue of Victorian Review that will contain revised versions of the talks from the series More than Natural Selection: A Lecture Series on Alfred Russel Wallace.  

The Bright Dark Ages: Comparative and Connective Perspectives Workshop Feb 27-28, 2013 (Singapore)
(Brill, Forthcoming)

Cindy Stelmackowich Post-Doctoral work 2012-13 (Halifax)
From Body to Book: An Anatomy of the 19th Century Medical Atlas. Submitted full book prospectus, including 2 sample chapters. (Under consideration by MIT Press)

“The Instructive Corpse: Dissection, Anatomical Specimens and Illustrations in Early-­‐Nineteenth Century Medical Education,” Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science, (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto), Vol. 6, No. 1 (2012): 50-­‐64. Invited article for the special issue on Visual Representation and Science.

“On the Margins: Medical Museum Curator Maude Abbott and Instituting Modern Medical Museum Standards at Canada’s McGill University,” forthcoming invited chapter in the 2013 book entitled The Fate of Anatomical Collections. (under contract with Ashgate, London)

“Writing and Reading Priority Disputes in the 19th Century: Medical Publishers and the Creation of Medical Knowledge," (working title) forthcoming invited article for the Spring 2014 special issue of Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada focused on McGill University’s Osler Library of the History of Medicine and its Collections. (The Bibliographical Society of Canada: Toronto)

“Bodies Laid Bare in Law, Anatomy and Culture,” forthcoming 2013 invited essay for Canadian Medical Association Journal. Co-­‐authored with Matthew Herder (Assistant Professor, Faculties of Health Law and Medicine @ Dalhousie University).

“Situating Henry Gray’s 1846 Royal College of Surgeons Prize Essay on the Human Eye: A Cultural, Material and Physiological Analysis,” (working title). Co-­‐authored with Bill Baldridge (Head, Medical Neuroscience and Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Science @ Dalhousie University).

Katherine Zwicker's Post-Doctoral work 2012-13 (U. Sask.)
Forthcoming: "Experimenting with Radium Therapy: In the Laboratory & the Clinic" in an edited collection of papers on the use of humans in experimentation.

Forthcoming: Canadian Journal of History Vol. 49, no. 3.  Zwicker and Erika Dyck co-guest edited this edition of the journal as a special issue on health and medicine.

Politics of Care in Technoscience workshop April 2012 (York U.)
Forthcoming: A special issue on the Politics of Care in Social Studies of Science.

Sciences and Narratives of Nature: East and West workshop Dec. 2011 (Manipal, India)
McOuat, G., Lightman, B. and Sarukkai, S. (forthcoming) Science and Narratives of Nature: East and West

Dr. Alex Choby Post-Doctoral work 2009-11 (UofA Node)
In Review:
Choby, A. Pseudoseizure as a Species of Somatization.  Submitted March 11, 2010 to Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry. Revise and Resubmit, Nov. 15, 2010. Resubmitted Jan 15, 2011; Request for further revisions, May 1, 2011. Further revisions submitted, June 1, 2011.

Catania, Joe; Choby, A.;  Wolf, Leslie;  Lo, Bernard and  Dolcini, Peggy. The Use of Incentives to Recruit Homeless to Clinical Research:  A National Overview of IRB Chair’s Perspectives. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Subjects Research Ethics.

In Preparation:
Choby, A. Economies of Simulation and Dissimulation in the Epilepsy Clinic.

Choby, A. Growing Up in Violent Neighborhoods: Familial Adaptations, Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and Sexual Health Among Urban Among Urban African American Adolescent Females.  In internal peer-review.  Journal of Human Development.

Dr. Trudel Post Doctoral work (Montreal Node - UQAM)
La Grande Rencontre: Science et Societé conference publication

Dr. Melinda Baldwin's Post-Doctoral work 2010-11 (Toronto Node)
“The shifting ground of Nature: Establishing an organ of scientific communication in Britain, 1869-1900.”  Article manuscript.  Currently under consideration at History of Science.
“Keeping in the race: Publication speed and scientific priority in Nature’s Letters to the Editor column, 1895-1914.”  Article manuscript.  Currently under consideration at British Journal for the History of Science.
“Late Victorian scientific naturalists and Nature.” Article manuscript.  In preparation for Bernard Lightman, ed., Revisiting evolutionary naturalism: new perspectives on Victorian science and culture, University of Chicago Press.
Making Nature, Making Science: The scientific community in print, 1869-1995.  Book manuscript.  In preparation; anticipated date of completion August 2012.

Reassessing the Governance of Clinical Trials workshop, 2009
In process. See the workshop's website for consultations and presentations resulting from the workshop.

...More to come


Objectivity in Science conference (UBC, 2010) and Dr. Flavia Padovani Post-Doctoral work 2009-10 (UBC Node)

Padovani, Flavia, Richardson, Alan, Tsou, Jonathan Y. (Eds.) Objectivity in Science. New Perspectives from Science and Technology Studies Series: Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science, Vol. 310.  2015.

Science and Society 2013: Emerging Agendas for Citizens and Sciences, 2014 (Ottawa) [click to read]
Recommendations on how to understand and improve the science, society and policy interface from the Science and Society 2013 symposium.

Circulating Knowledge conference, 2010 (Atlantic Node)
Circulation of Knowledge Between Britain, India and China. Brill 2013. Editors G. McOuat, B. Lightman and L. Stewart

Models and Simulations workshop, 2010 (Toronto Node)
Models and Simulations 4. Synthese. Vol. 190 (2) Jan. 2013

Cindy Stelmackowich Post-Doctoral work 2012-13 (Atlantic Node)
Stelmackowich, Cindy. The Instructive Corpse: Dissection, Anatomical Specimens, and Illustration in Early Nineteenth-Century Medical Education in Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

Dr. Flavia Padovani Post-Doctoral work 2009-10 (UBC Node)
"Statistical or Dynamical Lawfulness? Reichenbach and Schlick on the Laws of Nature”, in Moritz Schlick. Ursprünge und Entwicklungen seines Denkens, F.O. Engler and M. Iven (Eds.), Berlin: Parerga Verlag, 2010, pp. 225-255.

Thought Experiments workshop, 2010 (Atlantic Node)
Brown, J.R; Meynell, L.; and Frappier, M. (eds.) 2012. Thought Experiments in Philosophy, Science and the Arts. Routledge.

Reading Artifacts Summer Institute (2009, CSTM in Ottawa)
Frappier, M.; Neswald, E.;  Anderson, K.;  Trim, H.  in Science and Education (Springer).

Megan Dean MA work 2010-11 (Altantic Node)
Dean, Megan (2010) “Federal Health Research Funding and the Cost Efficiency of Scientific Research at Canadian Universities.doc” Available online at:

Dr. Alexandra Choby Post-Doctoral work 2010-11 (UofA Node)
Choby, Alexandra. 2010.  Will-ful Cyborgs? Producing Selves via VET.  In Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work: Dimensions of Transformative Practice.  eds. Monika Buscher, Dawn Goodwin, and Jessica Messman.  Palgrave.

Dr. Falvia Padovani Post-Doctoral work 2009-10 (UBC Node)
1. “Probability between Fiction and Reality: Reichenbach’s Correspondence with Paul
- Eighth International History and Philosophy of Science Conference (HOPOS),
Budapest, June 2010.
- Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science Meeting (CSHPS),
Montreal, May 2010.
2. “From Causality to Probability and Back: Reichenbach’s Two Fundamental Principles, from 1915 to 1925”, Second International Moritz Schlick Symposion, Rostock, September 2009 (invited).
3. “Genidentity and Topology of Time: Reichenbach and Lewin”, Conference ‘The Berlin
Group: Knowledge, Probability, Interdisciplinarity’, Universität Padernborn, September
2009 (invited).

Dr Johnathan Tsou Post-Doctoral work 2009-10 (UBC Node)
(2009). Review of Lennart Nordenfelt, Rationality and Compulsion: Applying Action
Theory to Psychiatry (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007). Journal of Applied
Philosophy, 26 (4): 415-418.
(2009). “Defining Mental Disorder.” Review of Derek Bolton, What is Mental Disorder?
An Essay in Philosophy, Science, and Values (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).
Metascience, 18 (2): 251-255.
(2008). Review of Dominic Murphy, Psychiatry in the Scientific Image (Cambridge, MA:
MIT Press, 2006). Philosophical Psychology, 21 (1): 133-137.
“DSM and the Exclusion of Etiology: An Argument for a Causal System of Psychiatric
Classification.” Science and Society Speaker’s Series, University of British Columbia
(Vancouver, BC, Canada), January 2009 (invited).
“Psychiatric Kinds, Looping Effects, and Stable Targets: Are Any Mental Disorders Natural Kinds?” Twenty-First Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA 2008), Pittsburgh, PA, USA, November 2008 (refereed); Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS), University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC, Canada), June 2008 (refereed).

Imagining Reproduction U. Saskatchewan workshop, 2008
Figures for the Publication are here
Proceedings published by Journal of Medical Humanities 31.1 (March, 2010)
Muri, Alison. “Imagining Reproduction: The Politics of Reproduction, Technology and the Woman Machine.” Journal of Medical Humanities 31.1 (March, 2010): 53-67.

Putting Region in its Place Node conference, 2008 (U. Alberta Node)
Dyck, E.; Fletcher, C. (eds), Locating Health: Explorations of Healing and Place (London: Pickering and Chatto Pubs Ltd, 2010).

Health Legacies: Militarization, Health and Society's workshop, 2010 (UofA Node)
Susan L. Smith, guest editor, Symposium on "Health Legacies:  Militarization, Health and Society," The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, v. 39, n. 1 (Spring 2011).

Dr. Melinda Baldwin's Post-Doctoral work 2010-11 (Toronto Node)
Conference presentations:
“'Nature' and scientific publishing in Britain, 1869-1900,” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing Conference on the Book in Art and Science, Washington, DC (15 July 2011).
“Late Victorian evolutionary naturalists and 'Nature',” Revisiting Evolutionary Naturalism Workshop, York University, Toronto, Canada (7 May 2011).
“ ‘I wish I were wise enough to understand more of it’: 'Nature’s' audience, 1869-1880,” Victorian Studies Network at York Annual Symposium, Toronto, Canada (22 October 2010).
Dr. Levit's Works-in-Progress work (Atlantic Node)
Levit, G., Hossfeld, U. and Witt, U. "Can Darwinism be 'Generalized' and of what use would this be?" Journal of Evolutionary Economics. 20: 1 (January 2010)

Dr. Levit's Post-Doctoral work 2007-8 (Atlantic Node)
Levit G.S., Hossfeld U. (2009) From Molecules to the Biosphere: Nikolai V. Timoféeff&Ressovsky’s (1900&1981) Research Program within a totalitarian landscapes. Theory in Biosciences, 128:237–248.

Levit G.S., Hossfeld U., Robin N. (2008) Le darwinisme en cause. Essai de synthèse des théries alternative. Jahrbuch für Europäische Wissenschaftskultur, 4: 243&266.

Levit G.S., Simunek M., Hoßfeld U. (2008) Psychoontogeny and Psychophylogeny: The Selectionist Turn of Bernhard Rensch (1900&1990) through the Prism of Panpsychistic Identism. Theory in Biosciences, 127:297&322.

Reiß Chr., Hoßfeld U., Olsson L, Levit G.S., Lemuth O. (2008) Das autobiographische Manuskript des Entwicklungsbiologen Julius Schaxel (1887&1943) vom 24. Juli 1938 – Versuch einer Kontextualisierung, Annals of the History and Philosophy of Biology, 13: 3&51

Hoßfeld U., Šimůnek M., Breidbach O., Levit GS (2008) Mendelismus und Genetik in Böhmen und Mähren von 1900&1930. Biospektrum 14: 321&322. 

Levit G.S., Meister K., Hoßfeld U. (2008) Alternative Evolutionary Theories from the Historical Perspective. Journal of Bioeconomics, 10(1): 71&96.