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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Dyck, Erika - University of Saskatchewan History 20th century history of Canadian medicine, deinstitutionalization, eugenics, LSD and psychedelic drugs, medical experimentation and moral regulation, psychiatry and mental health
Ede, Andrew - University of Alberta History and Classics History of science; History of chemistry; Chemical warfare; History of Technology
Einsiedel, Edna - University of Calgary OTHER Genomics, biotechnology, biomedicine, social contexts of technology, publics and science
Elaine Marie, Landry - Philosophy Philosophy Philosophy of mathematics (structuralism, category theory, set theory, logic), history and philosophy of science (structural realism, logical positivism, physics), analytic philosophy (Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap), metaphysics, philosophy of language
Eliasmith, Chris - University of Waterloo Philosophy Theoretical/computational neuroscience, large-scale simulation, specific behaviors: Rodent path integration, zebrafish/lamprey locomotion, basal ganglia, etc., attractor networks,statistical inference in biological networks; computational cognitive neuroscience,working memory, context sensitive linguistic inference, emotions and decision making,hemineglect, neural coding (population and temporal); philosophy of mind and language; philosophy of science; modeling; philosophy of neuroscience
Elwick, James - York University Science and Technology Studies, York the history of written science examinations; contextualist and technical history of biology; history of examinations; metrology and standards; Victorian Britain; Herbert Spencer
Ereshefsky, Mark - Philosophy University of Calgary OTHER Philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, metaphysics.
Fancher, Raymond - York University OTHER History of psychology and psychoanalysis; scientific biography; history and theory of intelligence testing
Fedunkiw, Marianne - York University OTHER History of medical education and funding of medical education; history of public health motion pictures; history of women physicians in Serbia during WWI
Feng, Patrick - University of Calgary OTHER Science and technology policy; politics of international standards-setting Technology policy Philosophy of Technology, Health Informatics and Health Policy Social Innovation Technological Governance