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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Borck, Cornelius - McGill University OTHER Historical epistemology; neurosciences between media theory and neurophilosophy; cultures of biomedical visualization; the infra-ordinary in art & science;
Borda-Rodriguez, Alexander - Dalhousie University ethnography of aid, the political economy of development aid and healthcare (e.g. vaccines) and how scientific knowledge is regulated and legitimized by international organizations in the global south.
Borgerson, Kirsten - Philosophy Dalhousie University Philosophy Philosophy of medicine, bioethics, social epistemology, feminist philosophy
Bowden, Gary - Sociology University of New Brunswick OTHER 1) Contemporary Canadian and American Energy and Environmental Issues and Policy 2) The development of ecological sociology -- an integration of ecology and sociology -- through the application of complex adaptive systems theory to understand long term environment-society interaction, particularly in relation to fundamental macro-level changes (e.g., the collapse of societies, the emergence of modern economic growth)
Brigandt, Ingo - University of Alberta Philosophy The nature, possibility, and limits of intellectual integration across different biological disciplines; non-reduction and the nature of biological explanation; theories of concepts; the rationality of semantic change in the history of biology; how the context-sensitive use of scientific terms supports successful practice; evolutionary developmental biology and its 19th and 20th century roots
Broughton, Peter - Unaffiliated OTHER History of astronomy in Canada
Brown, Bryson - Philosophy Preservationism, paraconsistency, ambiguity logics, laws of nature, free will, inconsistency in science, scientific realism, paraconsistent logic, weakly aggregative logic, preservationist logic
Brown, James Robert - University of Toronto Philosophy Mathematics, physics, science and society
Burfoot, Annette - Sociology Queen's University OTHER Visual science studies (anatomy, cancer care, science fiction, technology studies (political economy of manufacturing), cultural studies, reproductive & genetic engineering, 18th century wax anatomical models, cross-cultural comparison of treatment of obstetrical pain, gender and textile technologies in Lucca, Italy
Burrow, Sylvia - Philosophy University of Cape Breton Dr. Burrow's research connects emotions and attitudes (particularly self-trust and self-confidence) to the moral concept of autonomy. Her recent research argues that pressures to use technological interventions during labour and childbirth compromise women's autonomy through undermining self-trust and self-confidence.