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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Fenton, Andrew - California State University Philosophy Animal Ethics, epistemology, neuroethics, philosophy of animal minds, philosophy of autism
Fisher, Donald - Sociology University of British Columbia OTHER Higher education, philanthropy and universities in the 20th century, academic/State/industry relations, marketization and higher education, historical sociology of the social sciences, sociology of science
Forsdyke, Donald - Queen's University OTHER Bioinformatics, genomics, theoretical biology, speciation, AIDS, evolution, biohistory, Darwin, Butler, Romanes, Bateson, Goldschmidt, Chargaff, Wada, G0/G1 switch genes (G0S genes), immunology, malaria
Foss, Jeffrey - University of Victoria OTHER The overlap between philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind, the overlap between philosophy of science and environmentalism; philosophy of mind, philosophical psychology, philosophy of science, cognitive science
Frappier, Mélanie - History/ Philosophy University of King's College History of Science and Technology Foundational issues in early quantum mechanics
Fraser, Craig - University of Toronto Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, U of T History of mathematics and mechanics; analysis from 1700, in particular the calculus of variations; foundations of mathematics; J.L. Lagrange, Leonhard Euler, Augustin Cauchy, Carl Gustav Jacobi, Adolph Mayer, Karl Weierstrass; modern cosmology, interactions of theoretical and observational cosmology 1920-1965
Fraser, Doreen - History/ Philosophy University of Waterloo Philosophy Philosophy of physics, philosophy of science, history of physics, history of science (esp. 17th Century)
Gadbois, Simon - Psychology Dalhousie University Ethology, experimental psychology, behavioural neuroscience, animal behaviour, canids, canines, coyotes, wolves, foxes, olfaction, psychophysics, animal learning
Garrett, Brian - McMaster University Philosophy Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, 17th c. philosophy, history and philosophy of biology
Gauthier, Yvon - University of Montreal Philosophy Logic and philosophy of science; foundations of physics and foundations of mathematics; Hegel