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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Derksen, Linda - Sociology Malaspina University-College OTHER Standardization of DNA profiling; history of DNA profiling;sociology of measurement, standards, process of standardization; aquaculture (salmon farming), particularly controversies over sea lice, policy analysis, regulatory science in aquaculture; bibliometric mapping of intellectual structure/communities
Desrochers, Pierre - Geography University of Toronto OTHER Economic development; technological innovation; business-environment interactions; energy policy; food policy
Devidi, David - University of Waterloo Philosophy Logic, philosophy of mathematics, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science
Dew, Nicholas - McGill University History History of travel, of Orientalism, of scientific expeditions, French scientific expeditions c. 1660-1760; history of French orientalism in the period 1640-1740
Doolittle, Ford - Dalhousie University microbial molecular genetics, phylogenetics and metagenomics, and areas of theoretical interest include the Gaia hypothesis, “selfish DNA”, the origins of genomic complexity, lateral gene transfer and the “Tree of Life”
Downey, Robin - University of Calgary OTHER Social movements and technology innovation, technological governance, stakeholder engagement in science and technology, emerging technologies, stem cell research, cloning technological controversies, social shaping of technology, social studies of risk, social movement theory, media analysis, actor network theory
Duchesneau, Fran - History/ Philosophy University of Montreal Philosophy Philosophy and history of life sciences, science and early modern philosophy, modern philosophy and the scientific revolution, Leibnizianism, epistemology of biological theories
Duffin, Jacalyn - Queen's University OTHER Technology (stethoscope), disease concepts (medical epistemology), history of medical education and tuition fees, current topic Medical Saints and miracles
Dugas, Maryl - Anthropology Dalhousie University OTHER
Durant, Darrin - History/ Philosophy York University Science and Technology Studies, York Nuclear waste disposal research, nuclear power, energy policy, science and technologies of energy production and waste management, experts/publics interaction, participatory decision-making