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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Butler, Alison - Memorial University History Victorian occultism; western esotericism. My two-year SSHRC-funded research project will examine how contemporary developments in science affected the evolution of Victorian occultism. This program of research will explore how occultists attempted to make their field more “scientific” in response to the rise of scientific naturalism and how the resulting refashioned form of occultism proved to be more conducive to association with the emerging science of the mind, psychology.
Callison, Candis - Journalism University of British Columbia OTHER Prof. Callison’s research interests include media change, public engagement on complex science and environment issues, and how new media is shaping the efforts and practices of science journalists, scientists, and social movements.
Cambrosio, Alberto - Sociology McGill University OTHER Cancer clinical trials; laboratory-clinical interactions; Material culture and regulation of biomedicine; network analysis of biomedical research; visualization and scientific imagery; science & technology studies; sociology of biomedicine
Campbell, Richmond - Dalhousie University Philosophy Origin of morals and in particular moral reasons (intersection of biology and moral philosophy, moral and political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of biology, feminism
Carstairs, Catherine - University of Guelph History History of Illegal Drug Use, History of Food and Nutrition, Alternative Health, Fluoridation,
Castle, David - Philosophy University of Ottawa Philosophy Philosophy of the life sciences, with particular emphasis on evolutionary biology and ecology, environmental philosophy and the ethical implications posed by biotechnology.
Cavanaugh, Ted - Dalhousie University Ted's research is interdisciplinary, in a way that architects have always practised, relating building, community, culture, technology, and everyday life; and it combines the contemporary practice of design, the history of technology, and material culture. One concentration in vernacular building construction considers the impetus for innovation within conventional practices. Another concentration in community design involves working in teams with ocean and coastal managers, scientists, and community groups to combine expertise in areas of community networks, integrated resource management, and spatial planning.
Chakravartty, Anjan - Philosophy University of Toronto Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, U of T General philosophy of science, including: scientific realism, antirealism, and empiricism; structural realism and the metaphysics of science; models and scientific representation
Choby, Alexandra - Anthropology University of Alberta Science, Technology, and Society diagnosis and diagnostic technologies, neurology and psychiatry, knowledge practices, biomedicine, feminism, gender
Chrisman, Nicholas - Geography Université Laval OTHER Geographic information systems (many applications); also NCE networks; STS of geographic information technologies