Teaching About Laboratory Life

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Ve., Jan. 31, 2014, 11:30am

Teaching About Science Part 2:

Teaching About Laboratory Life
January 31, 2014
Alumni Room, University Club, Dalhousie University
6259 Alumni Crescent
(off of South Street),
Halifax, NS

Presenter: Gordon McOuat (HOST, King's)
Responder: Brian Hall (Biology, Dalhousie)

Teaching About Science is a series of seven workshops bringing together faculty from the sciences and humanities to explore how we can help our students to understand more broadly what science is and how it works. This series is supported by the Situating Science project based at the University of King's College. Each workshop will feature invited speakers and time for discussion, with light lunch provided to the first 15 participants, with the aim of fostering important conversations around science teaching and learning.

Register: melanie.frappier@ukings.ca
Small lunch provided to the first 15 people who register.