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Titre University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Gay, Hannah - Simon Fraser University Victorian and 20th Century Science in London; history of imperial college; history of generational groups of scientists. I am currently working on a group of 20th c. theoretical ecologists
Gingras, Yves - History University of Quebec Scientific controversy, history of science in Quebec and Canada, Brother Marie-Victorin, politics and science, policy, university research
Glazebrook, Patricia - Dalhousie University Heidegger, environmental philosophy, international development
Goldenberg, Maya - University of Guelph Evidence-based medicine; women’s health; feminist science studies; epistemologies of science; ethics in life sciences; bioethics
Grabiner, Judith - Pitzer College History of mathematics and science
Graham, Janice - Anthropology Dalhousie University Challenges of safety, effectiveness, standardization, risk, expertise and trust figure prominently into Graham's examination of biotechnological innovation, health outcomes and inequalities. Her recent ethnographic research examines safety and efficacy in the regulation of emerging biotherapeutics and vaccines at Health Canada and internationally.
Green, Christopher - York University History of (mainly american) psychology; Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace; philosophy of contemporary (mainly connectionist) cognitive science.
Griffin, Nicholas - McMaster University Bertrand Russell, philosophical logic, epistemology, 19th and 20th century intellectual history
Guay, Louis - Sociology Université Laval Science, Policy and Politics in Environment (climate change; biodiversity; forest; water)
Guerard, François - University of Quebec History of health services, medicine