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Getting to the Politics of the Matter

Please read my latest blog post on the recent Materiality conference at: http://lisamcockburn.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/the-politics-of-the-matter/ Thanks! Lisa Cockburn

On Caring in a Technoscientific World

On a sunny weekend last April, about 40 participants from a wide diversity of backgrounds gathered together for the Politics of Care in Technoscience Workshop at York University.

Facing the Future

The future. An enduring cultural fascination yet an inherently elusive entity. As Jeaneatte Winterson writes, "The future lies ahead like a glittering city, but like the cities of the desert disappears when approached."

Dreaming a Recursive Future?

When I think of the word “synthetic”, I generally think of it in opposition to “natural” – terrible synthetic fibre clothing or other artificial things. But the root of the word actually gets much of its meaning in opposition to “analytic”, particularly in philosophy. Analysis is where we break something down in order to interrogate and understand it; synthesis is where we build a whole up from parts. Analytics explores; synthetics exploits.