Andrews, Kristin -

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York University
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Area of Research
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North America
Champ d'études: 
Anthropomorphism, cognition in the field, false belief explanation, folk psychology, great ape ethics, methodology in animal cognition research, moral psychology, nature and evolution of belief, orangutan pantomime, psychological explanation, theories of human uniqueness, theory of mind or mindreading
PHD Program: 
PHD University: 
University of Minnesota
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Major Publications: 
Do Apes Read Minds? Toward a New Folk Psychology (MIT Press 2012) "Understanding Norms Without a Theory of Mind" Inquiry, 2009. "Politics or Metaphysics? On Attributing Mental Properties to Animals" Biology and Philosophy, Vol. 24(1), 2009: 51-63. "It's in Your Nature: A Pluralistic Folk Psychology" Synthese, Vol. 165, No. 1, 2008: 13-29. "Innovation and the Grain Problem" With Anne Russon and Brian Huss. Behavioral and Brain Sciences Vol. 30, No. 4, 2007: 422. 'Critter Psychology: On the Possibility of Nonhuman Animal Folk Psychology" In D. Hutto & M. Ratcliffe (Eds.), Folk Psychology Re-Assessed. New York: Springer, 2007: 191-210.
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Society for Philosophy and Psychology European Society for Philosophy and Psychology American Philosophical Association Canadian Philosophical Association Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology
Courses Taught: 
Animals and Mind Animals and Philosophy Folk Psychology Philosophy and Psychology Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science Epistemology Mind and Cognition Philosophy of Science Social Issues and Ethics Honors Social Issues and Ethics: Contemporary Social Protest Introduction to Philosophy Introduction to Logic Introduction to Ethics Methodologies in Philosophy and Religion