Adl, Sina -

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College of Agriculture and Bioresources
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University of Saskatchewan
(306) 966-6866
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Area of Research
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Soil ecology, biology of decomposition, sustainable agriculture, soil nutrients, I have used soil microcosms, green-house experiments, field experiments, commercial agriculture fields to study the effect of field management and experimental treatments on community structure and soil food webs
PHD University: 
University of British Columbia
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Major Publications: 
Crotty, F.V. Adl, S.M., Blackshaw, R.P., and Murray J.P. 2012. Using stable isotopes to differentiate trophic feeding channels within soil food webs. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, in press, online. Crotty, F.V. Adl, S.M., Blackshaw, R.P., and Murray J.P. 2011. Determining ecological linkages between indigenous protozoa and the soil faunal food web. Microbial Ecology DOI: 10.1007/s00248-011-9956-y. Camilo Mora, Derek P. Tittensor, Sina Adl, Alastair G.B. Simpson, Boris Worm. 2011. How many species are there on Earth and in the Ocean? PLOS-Biology, 9(8): e1001127. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001127. Adl, M.S., Iron, D., and Kolokolnikov, T. 2011. Organic agriculture benefits from conventional agriculture. Science of the Total Environment, 409:2192-2197. Adl, M.S., Girard, V., Malvina Lak, Gérard Breton, Didier Néraudeau. 2011. Reconstructing the soil food web of a 100 million years old forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 43:726-735. Mills, A.S., Adl, M.S. 2011. Changes in nematode abundances and body length in response to management intensive grazing in a low-input temperate pasture. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43(1):150-158. Maharning, A., Mills, A.S., Adl, M.S. 2009. Soil community changes during secondary succession to naturalized grasslands. Applied Soil Ecology 41:137-147. Hargreaves, J.C., Adl, M.S., Warman, P.R. 2009. The effects of municipal solid waste compost and compost tea on strawberry production. Compost Science 17(2):85-94. Hargreaves, J.C., Adl, M.S. and Warman, P.R. 2008. A review of the use of composted municipal solid waste in agriculture. Agriculture Environment Ecosystems 123:1-14. Adl, M.S. 2008. Setting the tempo in land remediation: short-term and long-term patterns in biodiversity recovery. Invited review for Microbes and Environment 23(1):13-19. Adl, M.S., Leander, B.S., Simpson, Archibald, J.M., Anderson, O.R., Barta, J.R., Bass, D., Bowser, S.S., Brugerolle, G., Farmer, M.A., Karpov, S., Kolisko, M., Lane, C.E., Lodge, J., Lynn, D.H., Mann, D.G., Meisterfeld, R., Mendoza, L., Moestrup, Ø., Mozley-Standridge, S.E., Smirnov, A.V., Spiegel, F.W. 2007. Diversity, Nomenclature and Taxonomy of Protists. Systematic Biology 56(4):684-689. Adl, M.S. 2007. Motility and migration rate of protists in soil columns. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 39:700-703. Adl, M.S., Ruiz-Trillo, I., Wilson, M. L. and Lai, T. 2006. A Geocentrophora (Lecithoepitheliata) flatworm from forest soils in Nova Scotia. Journal of Natural History, 40 (23, 24): 1381-1387. Darby, B.J., Mahmout, A., Shamout, Y., Neher, D.A. and Adl. M.S. 2006. Ecology of desert adapted protozoa associated with biological soil crusts. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 53 (6): 507-514. Adl, M.S. and Gupta, V.V.S.R. 2006. Review: Protists in soil ecology and forest nutrient cycling. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 36: 1805-1817. Adl, M.S., Coleman, D.C. and Read, R. 2006. Slow recovery of biodiversity after 25 years of no-tillage management. Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment 114: 323-334. Adl, M.S., Simpson, A.G.B., Farmer, M.A., Andersen, R.A., Anderson, O.R., Barta, J.R., Bowser, S.S., Brugerolle, G., Fensome, R.A., Fredericq, S., James, T.Y., Karpov, S., Kugrens, P., Krug, J., Lane, C.E., Lewis, L.A., Lodge, J., Lynn, D.H., Mann, D.G., McCourt, R.M., Mendoza, L., Moestrup, Ø., Mozley-Standridge, S.E., Nerad, T.A., Shearer, C.A., Smirnov, A.V., Spiegel, F.W., Taylor, F. J. R. 2005. The new classification of eukaryotes with emphasis on the taxonomy of protists. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 52 (5): 399-451. (The figure is on the cover of the issue.)